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    Design by Newsdays Team, which constitute by many famous Chinese Interior design designer, creating a comfortable, convenient, modern urban and simplicity style;
    The works of art made by well-known Chinese artists, distributed in every room, infuse the strong artistic atmosphere.
    Each individual''s can choose their own lifestyle. No matter whom he is, life is not immutable, people can lead a Different life as long as he is willing to: such as Baudelaire, such as Gauguin.
    So we have the concept of [one day a year]. We feel that there is always one day within a year, people could get out from the original life, to experience the different feelings, and it is so unique!
    You can stay here only for one day, or a week, even a year.
    Timmy Hotel is the place to embodiment the idea -- [one day a year]: this is the attempt to let people live in another style. We named it as [The home of artistic apartment], because it is an apartment, is also home, the home of art.

    Email: reservation@timmyhotelguangzhou.com Fax: +86-20-62614116 Timmy Hotel